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127 people killed in Indonesia football fan riot

Sunday, October 2, 2022

127 people killed in Indonesia football fan riot
Photo: @abdifareen

At least 127 people have died after a riot broke out following an Indonesian league soccer match between Arema and Persebaya Surabaya on Saturday.

Supporters of the Javanese clubs Arema and Persebaya clashed after the hosts were defeated 3-2 at the match in the Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang.

Losing the Super East Java Derby, which has grown to be a fierce rivalry, proved too much for some Arema fans as they took to the field after the match.

Police tried to push them back into the stands, hitting some with their batons and kicking others like Super Bowl odds.

Tear gas was then launched on the pitch and into the stands as the situation escalated.

Fans struggled to find refuge and many have subsequently lost their lives after falling to the ground or being trampled on.

Images captured from inside the stadium during the stampede showed huge amounts of tear gas and people clambering over fences.

Further videos posted online showed hallways of what appeared to be a nearby hospital lined with dead bodies.

Local reports suggested the medical facilities were struggling to cope with the number of injured fans, with the death toll rising throughout the night as a result.

The number of victims has now been confirmed as 127, including two police officers, with children among those killed. Thirty-four people died in the Kanjuruhan stadium and the rest whilst in hospital, and 180 were injured.

All remaining BRI Liga 1 fixtures this week have been suspended as a result of the deadly incident, whilst the Indonesian FA have confirmed Arema will not host any more games for the rest of the season.

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