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Ex-Newcastle, Liverpool and Man City star declared bankrupt

Monday, April 3, 2023

Ex-Newcastle, Liverpool and Man City star declared bankrupt
Photo: Matthew Horwood/GETTY IMAGES

Former Newcastle United, Liverpool and Manchester City forward Craig Bellamy has been declared bankrupt after losing everything he owned.

Bellamy earned millions during his playing career, scoring 135 goals for nine different clubs.

But now, the 43-year-old, who currently works as an assistant manager at Burnley, has no property and no car.

A series of poor decisions mixed with bad luck has got Bellamy to this situation.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the former Wales international said:

Everything I have had has been taken from me. If you get the wrong people advising you, it all haemorrhages, it all dwindles.

It has got to the point where bankruptcy is a relief. It means I can just live again.

Bellamy also clarified that his bankruptcy is not down to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

I know some people will probably think I have squandered all my money on drinking or gambling or drugs. I haven't.

I can go quiet where you won't hear from me but I won't be down the pub. I have never touched drugs since I was a young kid.

I don't gamble. I have never gambled. It doesn't make any sense to me. But I have gambled on people unfortunately.

Bellamy, who said in 2020 he had been diagnosed with depression, wanted his experience to serve as a warning to young players of today.

I want this to be a warning to other players. Check everything, make sure the people advising you are regulated. If they are not regulated, it's the Wild West. Get your stuff audited by independent people, the equivalent of getting a second opinion.

I was brought up in a generation of footballers where everything was done for you. Every bill. Wherever I was, the club did everything for me. I think that's wrong. It makes you too vulnerable.

It's good for players to have their own responsibilities because one day the club will not be there. You will finish your career and you will still be a young man and when you finish who's going to pay your stuff then? You are going to have to learn to survive. You are going to have live in the real world.

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