Richard Keys accuses Jack Grealish of 'alcohol abuse'

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Richard Keys accuses Jack Grealish of 'alcohol abuse'
Photo: @ManCity

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has criticised Jack Grealish for his alcohol consumption during Manchester City's treble celebrations.

It's fair to say Grealish enjoyed himself after City's 1-0 Champions League final victory over Inter Milan.

The 27-year-old was seen out partying in his full kit the next morning and carried out his normal antics during the trophy parade back in Manchester.

Not only that, but he had a quick stop in Ibiza with a few teammates in what was quite a busy few days.

And Keys took to Twitter to warn Grealish that he may have over-stepped the mark.

The comparison to Paul Gascoigne relates to his well-documented struggles with alcohol in the past, including during his playing career.

Keys' comments were met with mixed reactions, with some people agreeing that Grealish should be more careful about his drinking, while others felt that he was simply celebrating a successful season.

The debate over Grealish's alcohol consumption highlights the complex issue of alcohol abuse in football.

On the one hand, it is important for players to be able to let loose and celebrate their successes. On the other hand, it is also important to be mindful of the risks of alcohol abuse, especially for young people.

It is too early to say whether Grealish's alcohol consumption will have a negative impact on his career.

However, it is clear that the issue is one that needs to be addressed.

If Grealish is able to drink responsibly, then there is no reason why he cannot continue to be a successful footballer. But, if he does not, then he could be putting his career at risk.

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