Aaron Ramsdale's dad slams Arsenal over goalkeeper situation

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Aaron Ramsdale's dad slams Mikel Arteta over goalkeeper situation
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The father of Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has admitted that his son has lost his smile after his difficult start to the season.

The 25-year-old has has lost his place in the Arsenal starting XI to David Raya, who joined on loan from Brentford in the summer.

Raya has featured in the last eight Premier League matches and all four Champions League groups whilst Ramsdale has had to make do with appearances exclusively in the Carabao Cup.

Now his dad, Nick, has been discussing the situation with Sophie Nicolaou and former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell on The Highbury Squad podcast.

Aaron's lost that smile, and it is difficult. It really is difficult to see him there and we all keep saying, "You need to keep smiling."

Aaron is going to be the cup goalkeeper, and David Raya is going to be the main man unless something happens, an injury or a sending-off. Aaron's got to live with that and he is living with that even though he's not been told it, by anybody.

You've got to give the guy a chance, for God's sake. Even though the way it's been done, in my eyes, it's been wrong and we can talk about that, but it's the decision.

Really and truly we've got to get behind David Raya. He's part of the family now. Whether it's only until May-June of next year. It won't be, it'll be longer in my eyes, but that's by the by.

Raya has come in for criticism from some fans for high-profile errors in games and some questionable decision-making.

However, Nick ensured to hammer home the point that supporters should be supportive of Raya in spite of the fact he has taken his son's position.

David Raya is a great goalkeeper and it is not his fault. He's just come in as a goalkeeper.

David Raya, Aaron says, he is a lovely guy and he works hard with him and Aaron's trying to help him as much as he can to settle in with the squad.

It's possibly the way it's been done. Not knowing the reason why, and this is me because we don't know why.

Again, Aaron is working as hard as he can. He's trying to do his best for the squad. He's upbeat and he'll do everything for Arsenal to try and win the league.

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