OnlyFans model nails Aston Villa vs Arsenal prediction

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OnlyFans model Alexia Grace is a massive Aston Villa supporter
Photo: @itsalexiagrace

Aston Villa superfan and OnlyFans model Alexia Grace has been branded "psychic" after she nailed the scoreline before Saturday's clash with Arsenal.

Villa consolidated third place in the Premier League table with a stunning 1-0 win over Arsenal on Saturday, just three days after defeating Treble winners Manchester City.

Adult star Grace, who has been dubbed Villa's sexiest fan, not only tipped the club to beat the Gunners, but also nailed both the scoreline and the goalscorer.

OnlyFans model Alexia Grace nails Aston Villa vs Arsenal prediction
Photo: @itsalexiagrace

The post went viral after the match, prompting a wave of messages from fans hailing her soothsaying abilities.

X users react after OnlyFans model Alexia Grace correctly predicted Aston Villa vs Arsenal game
Photo: X

The 25-year-old went from cabin crew at Jet2 to a barista at Costa Coffee before finding fame and fortune on TikTok and OnlyFans.

Grace, who says she earns £40,000-a-month through her OnlyFans account, has over a quarter-of-a-million followers on Instagram, and 1.2 million on TikTok.

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