Top 5 Most Shocking Comebacks in Premier League History

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The Premier League is known for its drama. In a league where even 2-0 is considered a "dangerous lead", the English top division has produced some of the most remarkable comebacks in the sport.

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With that in mind, let's take a look at the 5 most shocking comebacks in Premier League history.

Manchester Ctiy vs QPR (2011/12)

After playing 37 games, the Premier League title was up for grabs between the two Manchester teams on the final, 38th game of the season. Manchester City needed a win to get their hands on their first league title. Trailing 2-1 to 17th placed QPR in the 91st minute, it seemed impossible - that was until Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero scored in the final moments of the game.

It may not have been the highest scoring comeback, but it was two late goals that delivered a Premier League title, shifting to a new era of Blue dominance in the years to come.

Newcastle vs Arsenal (2010/11)

The Newcastle-Arsenal game was the opposite to City-QPR; it wasn't the most important game of the season, but it was the highest scoring one, being the only time in Premier League history a team has come back from a 4 goal deficit.

Arsenal were cruising, being 4 goals up by the 26th minute - it could have gone on to be 6 or 7-nil. But, when Diaby got a red card in the 50th minute, things changed quickly. Newcastle scored 4 goals in 19 minutes, which was even faster than Arsenal scored their 4, making the result 4-4 and one of the all-time best Premier League games.

West Brom vs Manchester United (2012/13)

Sir Alex Ferguson is perhaps the most respected manager in English football history, and this was his final game in charge of United. Sir Alex was known for late winners, not conceding them, and everything looked comfortable in the 80th minute when United were winning 5-2.

It took precisely five minutes for this to change, with Lukaku and Mulumbu scoring in the 80th and 81st minute, before Lukaku finally getting the 86th minute equaliser - and a hatrick. It didn't happen in “Fergie Time”, which could have made it more poetic, but it was a memorable way for Sir Alex to wrap up his career.

Crystal Palace vs Liverpool (2013/14)

When it comes to comebacks, speed plays a big role in the drama. This is what makes the Palace-Liverpool game so memorable, as it took just 9 minutes for Liverpool to throw away their 3-0 lead. Suarez was the last goal scorer for Liverpool, putting them 3 up in the 55th minute. But, between Delaney and Dwight Gale, Palace scored 3 between the 79th and 88th minute.

This wasn't just about a fast comeback either, this was a big game in the title race. Liverpool were having their best spell in years, where they were challenging for the title. The draw impacted Liverpool a lot psychologically, with City eventually overtaking them and the game got dubbed “Crystanbul”.

Leicester vs Manchester United (2014/15)

Leicester's 5-3 win over Manchester United was one of the best games of the season, which happened to be the year before Leicester went on to win the Premier League. Losing 3-1, Leicester had to dig deep and find four goals in just 20 minutes. This was in an era where United began to decline, whilst Leicester were on the come-up.

Many of these comebacks were in a similar era, which was perhaps defined by high scoring games and emerging tactics. Whilst there have objectively been fewer big comebacks in recent years, the Premier League has never been so competitive.

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