Why José Mourinho let Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea

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Why José Mourinho let Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea
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José Mourinho has revealed why Chelsea were unable to keep hold of both Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne.

Plenty of questions have been asked down the years of why Chelsea allowed two players that have gone on to become Premier League legends with Liverpool and Manchester City respectively to leave Stamford Bridge.

Many people blamed Mourinho, who was in charge of the Blues when Salah and De Bruyne were both let go, for not giving the two players enough of a chance.

De Bruyne joined from Genk in 2012 and made just nine first team appearances for the London outfit, whilst Salah arrived in 2014 from Basel and went on to play 19 times for Chelsea.

Speaking on The Obi One Podcast with ex-Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel, Mourinho has explained the reasons behind their exits.

To be honest, they left because they wanted to leave. They left because they didn't want to wait.

History proves that their option was good because they've had the careers they have and reached a high standard, but sometimes kids make decisions like that because they can't wait.

Or they don't have the patience to be calm and to wait for the right moment. Sometimes their career goes in the wrong direction.

When you are at Chelsea and you want to leave, go and another one comes. They were just kids who couldn't wait, and their careers say they were right, but it wasn't down to me. Probably other guys will say I pushed them out, but not them.

Mohamed Salah endured a difficult two-and-a-half years at Chelsea
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Salah only made 13 appearances for Chelsea before being sold to AS Roma in 2016.

However, Mourinho made it clear that he didn't want to let Salah leave Chelsea on a permanent basis.

When people say I let Salah go, I say exactly the opposite. I bought Salah. I was the one who said buy that guy.

He was going from Basel to Liverpool, and I made a fight, I made a war, to make him come to Chelsea.

Then comes the part when, to be a Chelsea player, you have to perform, or you need to wait. He didn't want to wait, he wanted to go on loan.

And then Chelsea, at a certain point, decided to sell. He went to Fiorentina and Roma, and that was not me deciding to sell. I was saying let him go on loan if he feels he needs to play every minute of every game.

Kevin De Bruyne left just two years after arriving at Chelsea
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The 60-year-old also explained that De Bruyne's exit was similar to Salah's, with the Belgian keen to get as many minutes as possible.

De Bruyne left for Werder Bremen on loan before joining the Bundesliga side permanently just two years after arriving at Chelsea.

With Kevin, it was very similar. We went to pre-season in Asia. We went to Indonesia, Thailand, and Kevin was due to go on loan to a German side.

I told the club no, I don't want him out on loan, I want him with me. He stayed with me, and he began the Premier League season playing in the starting 11.

After that, we played the European Super Cup in Prague against Bayern [Munich] and he didn't play that game. Then, the next day, he wants to leave.

We played the second Premier League game of the season against Manchester United at Old Trafford and we drew 0-0.

He was on the bench and he played some minutes, but it wasn't enough for him, so he wanted to leave.

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