Brentford welcome Ivan Toney's return from betting ban like 'The Undertaker'

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Brentford introduce Ivan Toney's return from betting ban like 'The Undertaker'

Ivan Toney has been welcomed back to Brentford in grand style after serving an eight-month ban for gambling violations.

The 27-year-old striker made his triumphant return to the Brentford lineup in a match against Nottingham Forest on Saturday evening.

To celebrate his comeback, Brentford orchestrated a special WWE-inspired entrance for him.

As the players prepared to make their way out of the tunnel, the lights went down inside the Gtech Community Stadium, and The Undertaker's iconic theme music boomed through the speakers.

A video montage showcasing Toney's highlights played on the screens, followed by him appearing in the smoke and fog, just like The Undertaker's signature entrance.

Toney lived up to the hype by scoring a goal in the 19th minute, helping Brentford win the match 3-2.

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