Graeme Souness explains constant criticism of Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba has been constantly criticised by Graeme Souness during his time at Manchester United
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Graeme Souness has explained why he was so harsh on Paul Pogba during his time at Manchester United.

The pair have had a somewhat contentious relationship over the years, with Souness frequently criticising Pogba throughout his six years at Old Trafford.

After calling him a "schoolboy" in 2018, Souness went so far as to label him a "selfish" player and last year said he was a "lazy tw*t".

Pogba, for his part, has largely ignored Souness's criticism, although he did hit back in 2019, saying that Souness was "just looking for attention".

Speaking to talkSPORT's Simon & Souness show, the Scot has now revealed why he has been critical of the France international in the past.

He had the equipment to be the best midfielder in the world.

I saw a young man that was going through emotions a lot of the time, and that frustrated me.

With that physique and that technical ability, he just did not have the right attitude to make him a superstar.

The worst thing that happened to him was winning a World Cup, because he could turn and say, "I am a World Cup winner."

I think at that point, it was him going backwards.

Pogba left United to return to Juventus on a free transfer in 2022 but his career in Italy has plummeted since then.

His second spell at the Bianconeri has been hampered by injuries and off-field controversies.

Things got even worse this season when he suspended after testing positive for a banned substance.

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