COIN TOSS decides winner of women's U19 final

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COIN TOSS decides winner of women's U19 final

There were bizarre scenes at the South Asian Under-19s Women's Cup final on Thursday when India were declared winners after a COIN TOSS.

India faced Bangladesh in the final and the game initially finished 1-1 after 90 minutes.

There was also then nothing to separate them in the penalty shootout as all 22 players - including both goalkeepers - scored their spot kicks.

With the shootout were locked at 11-11, the referee bizarrely called both teams over to the sidelines before inviting the captains for a coin toss.

India correctly called the 50/50 decision and wheeled away in celebration, whilst the Bangladesh squad furiously protested the injustice.

Following lengthy protests and further discussions, the result was eventually changed to declare both sides as joint winners.

In the post-match awards ceremony, representatives of both teams then went up to lift the trophy, which India were able to retain having won it in the last tournament.

There are no official rules for a coin toss as a decider in any SAFF tournament, or in the International Association Football Board (IAFB) rule book, meaning that the penalty shootout should have been allowed to continue at 11-11.

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