Sergio Agüero recalls terrifying moments suffering from chest pains

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Sergio Agüero recalls terrifying moments suffering from chest pains
Photo: Joan Monfort/AP

Former Barcelona striker Sergio Agüero has opened up about what went through his head when he suffered from chest pains that ultimately ended his career.

The Argentine left Manchester City in 2021 after ten years at the Etihad Stadium, but his career was sadly cut short due to heart problems later that same year.

He was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat, after experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath during a La Liga match against Alaves on October 2021.

Agüero was substituted at half-time and taken to the hospital for medical evaluation before undergoing a successful cardiac ablation procedure, which corrected the arrhythmia.

Speaking to Clank Media, Agüero described the feeling as he knew something was frighteningly wrong.

I felt like I was drowning, I didn't feel pain. I had a lot of pressure in my head. I figured it was because I was physically ill and I thought: "S***, I’m so bad."

I jumped for a header. They went to counter and I started to get dizzy. I felt like I was going to faint and I wanted to calm down.

I wanted to say something and the words didn't come out. I grabbed the hand of the Alaves captain as if to say: "Stop the game." He started screaming and they stopped the game.

When I calmed down, I felt like my heart started beating faster. That's where the arrhythmia attack caught me.

A week before it had happened to me in training but it had only been for 20 seconds.

Agüero was initially told to rest for three months but decided to retire in December 2021.

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