Soccer match interrupted by remote-controlled cars carrying FLARES

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Soccer match interrupted by remote-controlled cars carrying FLARES

Two remote-controlled cars equipped with flares stopped a German Bundesliga 2 match between Hansa Rostock and Hamburg on Saturday.

Around the 10-minute mark of the game at the Ostseestadion, play was stopped when two remote-controlled cars came onto the pitch.

The vehicles were carrying blue and white flares that caused smoke to cover the ground, leaving referee Felix Zyawer with little choice but to pause the game.

Security staff rushed to kick the vehicles off the field as fans jeered and whistled but play was able to continue shortly afterwards.

The incident was the latest in a string of protests by German football fans against the DFL's investment plans.

The DFL, the group of German clubs which organises the Bundesliga, is planning to sell a future stake in the league to a private equity investor.

The proposal was approved by a two-thirds majority of German clubs in December, but the controversial plans have sparked widespread opposition from supporters.

Four of Saturday's five Bundesliga matches were interrupted by protests, with fans throwing chocolate coins and marbles onto pitches.

Private investment group Blackstone pulled out of talks with the league last week, leaving CVC Capital Partners as the only prospective buyer.

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