Kylian Mbappé sues kebab shop for using his name in food's description

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Kylian Mbappé sues kebab shop for using his name in food's description
Photo: @KMbappe

One kebab shop owner is being sued by Kylian Mbappé for using the Paris Saint-Germain forward's name in the description of one of its dishes.

Mohamed Henni, an influencer based in Marseille with 1.8 million followers on Instagram, owns a kebab shop named Klüb Kebab.

He's described one of his kebabs on his menu as having "bakery bread, as round as Mbappé's head."

Kylian Mbappé's name used in food's description by kebab shop named Klüb Kebab
Photo: Instagram/klubkebab_

And the shop has now received a legal complaint from Mbappé's lawyers for potentially infringing on the 25-year-old's image rights.

A letter was sent instructing the shop to remove the name of Mbappé from its menu within eight days or face further legal action.

Henni, clearly shocked by Mbappé's actions, reacted on his Instagram account.

I'm stunned a player of this level has the time to think about me.

He is using his time and money to attack me. I am not hurting anyone.

I am a humourist. Are you not embarrassed? Launching a legal complaint for absolutely nothing?

The kebab house has other food named after footballers, with former Olympique Marseille and West Ham United star Dimitri Payet honoured with a savoury pancake.

Henni then noted that Payet, who now plays for Brazilian outfit Vasco da Gama, has not launched similar action.

Payet is a player with values. Mbappé has completely lost it.

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