Lecce coach headbutts Verona player at end of Serie A game

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Lecce coach headbutts Verona player at end of Serie A game

There were ugly scenes in Serie A on Sunday as Lecce coach Roberto D'Aversa appeared to headbutt Hellas Verona striker Thomas Henry at the end of ill-tempered clash at the Stadio Via del Mare.

Verona won this relegation tussle 1-0 thanks to a first-half goal from midfielder Michael Folorunsho.

At the final whistle, though, the situation erupted as Henry was arguing with Lecce defender Marin Pongračić and both players were booked.

Lecce coach D'Aversa then marched onto the pitch and was caught on camera trying to headbutt Henry.

The French forward went down briefly, more in surprise than anything else, then immediately went after D'Aversa and had to be restrained by several teammates and members of staff.

D'Aversa and Henry were both shown red cards by the referee and will likely face lengthy bans.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia afterwards, D'Aversa insisted his headbutt caused by "continual provocation" by the Verona man.

There was already provocation in the final minutes of the match and I didn't want my lads to get suspended.

It was not a good gesture, but my intention was to divide them, as the provocation continued even after the match had ended.

I will just say that what happened was a consequence of continual provocation towards the end of the game.

I already spoke to the Verona directors. I apologise for the gesture, being a coach and a father of three, it is all I can do.

Lecce officials evidently did not appreciate the response from their coach and released their own formal statement.

With regards to the incident involving coach D'Aversa and Verona player Henry, albeit evaluating the general tension at the end of the game, U.S. Lecce firmly condemn the gesture of its coach, as it is against the principles and values of this sport.

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