Tottenham star eyes career in computer science after football

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Tottenham star eyes career in computer science after football
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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Pape Matar Sarr has a surprising passion outside of football - computer science.

Whilst he is currently focused on his flourishing football career, the Senegalese has expressed his desire to pursue a career in computer science after he retires from playing.

The 21-year-old midfield engineer isn't interested in the gaming side of computers, but rather the inner workings and "the electronic stuff behind a computer."

Speaking in interview with The Mirror, Sarr said:

Computer science is what I want to do after my career. I've done bits of research here and there in regards to the route I want to go down.

I've not started with any formal studies because I don't really have too much time. Within the next year or two I am going to start lessons.

It's not games I'm interested in, it's the electronic stuff behind a computer.

Signed by Fabio Paratici from Metz for £14.6 million in August 2021, Sarr has exceptional physical qualities and his ability to read the game sees him form part of the fundamental software that enables Spurs to tick.

Maybe my game does resemble the way a computer works a bit. I try to bring my football intelligence to the party, my view of the game.

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