Burger King pays tribute to Jürgen Klopp with 'Klopper' burger

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Burger King pays tribute to Jürgen Klopp with 'Klopper' burger
Photo: @LFC
Burger King is honouring Jürgen Klopp's remarkable legacy at Liverpool with a custom 8-tier Whopper, dubbed "The Klopper".

On Sunday, Anfield will bid an emotional farewell to the Liverpool manager as he takes charge of his final game for the club against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The German announced earlier this year he was leaving Liverpool after enjoying a fruitful period as manager of the Reds.

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As fans prepare to bid farewell to their beloved manager, Burger King has decided to honour Klopp's impressive eight major trophy wins as Liverpool manager.

The burger-chain shared an image of "The Klopper", a burger with eight patties in it to represent each trophy the 56-year-old German has won.

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With its signature flame-grilled flavour, the 8-tier Whopper offers fans a delicious way to celebrate the successes and legacy of their esteemed boss.

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