Ex-Chelsea star helps rescue 100 people amid devastating floods in Brazil

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Photo: @FBITricolor
Former Atlético Madrid and Chelsea striker Diego Costa was a hero in plain clothes during devastating floods in Brazil this weekend.

The country has been hit by devastating floods this week, which have left 83 people dead, 276 injured and a further 111 missing.

The region of the Rio Grande do Sul is the worst affected, with the region's Civil Defence estimating at least 121,000 people had been displaced.

More than half of the 497 cities in the state have been affected by the storms, with roads and bridges destroyed.

The storms have also caused the collapse of a hydroelectric dam near the city of Bento Gonçalves, with a second dam at risk of failing.

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And Costa, who now plays for the Brazilian club Grêmio, sprung into relief action to help rescue 100 people from the disaster - whilst on his way back home from training.

The 35-year-old was driving home from a training session when he encountered a group of people from Eldorado do Sul looking for help.

He wasted no time mobilising his resources to aid in the rescue operation, utilising his jeep and jet ski to assist in transporting people trapped by the floods to safety.

The former Spain international also rallied four friends who contributed additional jet skis to augment the rescue efforts, and between them, they ended up saving around 100 people in total.

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