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Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has put his name and incredible soccer skills to an exciting music/rhythm game, called Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle.

Digital Artists Entertainment and Biodroid launch Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle
Digital Artists Entertainment and Biodroid launch Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle


In the game, players get the chance to pull off outrageous tricks and combos as Ronaldo challenges freestyle players around the world, from England to Japan.

Based on the shapely form of the Real Madrid ace, the gameplay combines a rhythmic soundtrack with touchscreen controls, allowing the player to execute all sorts of ball-based tricks using your thumbs.

Trap and freeze the ball with a flick of both thumbs, then tilt the screen to balance the ball before flicking into another cool trick as you try to string enough moves together to become the king of freestyle soccer!

"Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle is a great game and a unique opportunity to play alongside me... accompanied by an awesome soundtrack," said Ronaldo.

"People all over the world can enjoy this fun game anywhere and everywhere. No matter where they go, I'll be freestyling with them!"

Published by Digital Artists Entertainment, and developed by Portugal-based Biodroid, Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle is already out on iOS and it'll be landing on the Android Market December 22nd for $2.99/£1.99/€2.39.

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