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Reports has claimed that Liverpool owners were convinced to part with £20 million for Stewart Downing after watching a faked video of his footie skills.

Stewart Downing shows off his pinpoint accuracy in a viral video
Stewart Downing shows off his pinpoint accuracy in a viral video

Photo: YouTube

Reds owners Tom Werner and John W Henry logged on to YouTube when manager Kenny Dalglish voiced his interest in the then Aston Villa player.

The Liverpool Echo quoted Werner as saying: "There was some footage of Stewart where he is kicking footballs into five different trash cans. It was brilliant.

"John and I said, 'Oh my god, this player is brilliant, we have to figure out a way to make a deal'."

It was only later that Werner and Henry realised the footage had been doctored by marketing brains at Villa Park as part of a viral advertising campaign.

A Villa source said: "There is a message after it which reads: 'Seeing is believing,' which we thought was a giveaway. Obviously it wasn't a big enough clue."

It will never be known for certain, but was this mock-up responsible for Liverpool increasing their offer from £18 millon to £20 millon when the two clubs were haggling over the fee last July?

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