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Former Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg has revealed how he was pestered and groped by women in nightclubs following his famous Calvin Klein underwear advert.

Freddie Ljungberg used to strip off for Calvin Klein underwear advert
Freddie Ljungberg used to strip off for Calvin Klein underwear advert

Photo: Calvin Klein

The Swede, who is believed to have a large gay fanbase, was a model for the fashion designer from between 2003-2007, in one of the company's most successful advertising campaigns ever.

However, it didn't have all that many happy memories for Ljungberg, who recalled how women would frequently come up to him and touch him in clubs, apparently keen to check out the merchandise.

"Advertising was fun to do, but had unexpected consequences for my personal life. The price was simply too high," Ljungberg told

"It sounds so cocky and I will not whine, but if, for example, I'd go to a night club, girls would come up and grab my crotch. Just like that.

"It was happening everywhere. They came from behind, side, pulled and tugged at me. The worst part was that you could not do a damn thing about it. When I angrily removed my hands, people just laughed.

"Some people thought that I could blame myself, I had done Calvin Klein and played in a top team. But there was no limit to what others thought they were entitled to do."

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