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Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo shocked his girlfriend, Sky Italia presenter Anna Billò, by asking her to marry him live on air.

Leonardo has been going out with Anna Billò for four years and has a child with her
Leonardo has been going out with Anna Billò for four years and has a child with her

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Billò, who was presenting Sky's Italian coverage of the Champions League draw in Switzerland, was discussing PSG's upcoming quarter-final with Barcelona with Leonardo when she asked him if he had any questions for the studio panel.

The 43-year-old Brazilian, a former AC Milan and Inter Milan coach, leapt on the opportunity and surprised a visibly embarrassed Billò by asking: "Anna, do you want to marry me?"

She broke out in nervous laughter and tried to shuffle the conversation onwards, saying: "What kind of question is that? OK. Let's move on."

Leonardo refused to budge, asking if that was a yes, and she replied: "OK, yes! We'll talk at home, thank you."

"But is that a yes or no?" asked one of Billò's in-studio colleagues. "OK," she said again, blushing.

"Alright then, let's have a ceremony in Milan and Brazil," responded an overjoyed Leonardo as former teammate Alessandro Costacurta applauded in the studio.

Finally, the interview ended and, as the programme cut to commercial break, Billò muttered: "He's gone mad!"

Later Billò was interviewed on the same channel about the incident that quickly went viral.

The 36 year-old journalist said: "I realise I am a very lucky woman. It was a strange and difficult moment to deal with, as I tend to be quite reserved.

"In fact, it's surprising that knowing me he would do such a thing! It was a huge surprise for everyone. I thought it was a joke at first and was completely shocked."

The pair have been together for four years and already have a child, but have so far resisted tying the knot.


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