Bosnian fans wanted to support team in Lithuania, mistakenly ended up in Latvia | inside World Soccer

A funny story has been reported by the Latvian media about a group of Bosnian fans who missed their nation's historic World Cup qualifier in Lithuania because they ended up in the wrong country.

Bosnian fans celebrate their team's success in Sarajevo, while some of them were lost in Latvia
Bosnian fans celebrated their team's success in Sarajevo, while some of them were lost in Latvia

Photo: AP

Bosnia-Herzegovina went to Kaunas for their final match of 2014 World Cup Qualifying against Lithuania last week.

And a group of Bosnian supporters, lead by Haris Tresnjo, wanted to go watch the match live and support their team, but they confused Lithuania with Latvia - instead in Kaunas, they arrived in Riga.

Tresnjo explained: "Me and few of my friends went to the game to cheer for Bosnia, but rather than arrive in Lithuania, we ended up in Latvia.

"When we bought tickets for the trip and no-one noticed that we were going in the wrong country.

"When we arrived there, it was very quiet. There were no our fans anywhere. So we asked some people in English where everyone was and where should we go to watch the football game.

"We told them that we came from Bosnia to cheer our team, but they just laughed at us and said that we are very far away from the stadium.

"One younger guy eventually explained how we in the wrong country, how we were in Latvia and not Lithuania.

"We wandered around Riga a little more to be sure (we had screwed up)."

However, the group did make the most of their trip as they found a cafe that broadcasted the match and watched their team beat Lithuania 1-0 to claim their place at the World Cup finals in Brazil.

"I will surely remember this stupidity until the rest of my life," Tresnjo concluded.