Brede Hangeland raised £45k at his wedding to build school in Cambodia | inside World Soccer

Fulham defender Brede Hangeland raised £45,000 at his wedding in 2009 to help open a school for 500 children in Cambodia.

Brede Hangeland shows that some players are aware that there is life outside of football
Brede Hangeland shows that some players are aware that there is life outside of football

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When Hangeland tied the knot with Celin Trana in Stavanger, Norway back in 2009, he asked guests to donate charity Save the Children instead of buying wedding gifts.

The proceeds of which - around £45,000 in total - went towards the construction of a school in Cambodia that is already up and running.

"There wasn't anything we needed, so it was a nice thing to do," Hangeland told the Daily Telegraph.

"I think there are 500 kids going to school there that wouldn't be going otherwise. I haven't been to visit, but definitely that's on the bucket list."

Asked why he made the decision, the Norwegian international added: "I see myself as just an ordinary guy who happens to play football.

"It's important in this game to be able to broaden your horizons. You can get caught in this bubble, where football seems like the most important thing in the world.
Although it means a lot to people, there are definitely bigger things out there.

"It's useful to remember that we are really privileged, and the problems we have are small in comparison."

The 32-year-old, who was signed by Roy Hodgson from FC Copenhagen in 2008, has a certain interest in the way footballers are perceived.

He said: "People think we're all the same, that we all just play golf and PlayStation, and drive expensive cars, and that's it.

"There are some that are superstars, and act that way, but that's not necessarily true for the rest. And it's important to keep that in mind.

"There's always a big story in the papers when someone does something wrong, but there's not much focus on normality in football. It just shows, in this day and age, what makes a story. Which I can understand, because I suppose it's a bit boring."


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