Lightning strikes football pitch in Austria, leaves 8 players injured | inside World Soccer

An Austrian lower league match was halted in the warm-up last weekend as lightning hit the pitch shortly before kick-off.

Lightning strikes football field in Austria, leaves 8 players injured

According to Kleine Zeitung, FC Notsch were taking on FC Sillian when a heavy rain storm suddenly broke out soon after both teams came onto the field.

But before the players had the chance to head back indoors, a lightning bolt came down from the heavens and hit the grass.

Eight players were injured by the lightning, with two Sillian players were injured badly.

The most badly injury player was Thomas Walder, who was struck in the chest and had to be resuscitated by players and staff for 20 minutes until an ambulance helicopter arrived.

Thankfully, all eight players who were injured have made full recoveries after resting up in hospital.


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