Newlyweds planned to watch World Cup in Salvador, Brazil - ended up in San Salvador, El Salvador | inside World Soccer

Football-loving newlyweds from Australia were the victims of a travel agent debacle that sent them to San Salvador, in El Salavador, instead of their desired destination: Salvador in Brazil.

Orin and Melissa van Lingen, who married last June, delayed their honeymoon so that they could save enough money to attend the World Cup - or so they thought.

Due to an epic mix-up by their travel agent, the van Lingens were actually sent to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador - not Salvador, Brazil, where Friday's Spain versus the Netherlands game was being played.

The couple had purchased tickets to watch the Group B match, but was forced to watch the game on television - in a different country.

"We were completely devastated," Mrs van Lingen told the Sunday Territorian.

"The hardest part was seeing my husband's face - it was heartbreaking."

Fortunately, the travel agency responsible for the mix-up has done its best to right its wrongs, and the couple are on their way to Brazil.


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