Steven Gerrard had chances to join Real Madrid but loved Liverpool too much to leave | inside World Soccer

Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard has revealed he turned down several opportunities to join Real Madrid due to his love of his boyhood club.

On several occasions throughout his career, Gerrard has been linked with a move to the Spanish giants but the 34-year-old stayed loyal to the Reds.

Gerrard has admitted he may come to regret missing the chance to move to the Bernabéu, but would have regretted leaving Liverpool even more.

Speaking to the press ahead of Liverpool's Champions League clash against Madrid, Gerrard said: "When a club like Real Madrid are interested in you it's flattering.

"I have had a couple of options through my career to go to Real Madrid but I resisted temptation because of the feeling I had for my hometown club.

"It might be something I regret down the line for not challenging myself and experiencing another country but I would have had an even bigger regret leaving Liverpool.

"I had a great admiration for Madrid but for me Liverpool is my No 1 club."


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