Slovenia team made to take bus to Wembley - despite staying at hotel just 50 metres away | inside World Soccer

The Slovenian national team were ordered to board a bus to Wembley - even though they were staying at a hotel just 50 metres from the stadium.

Slovenia were staying at the Wembley Hilton, which is within a stone's throw of the stadium, and had indicated that they wanted to walk over to the main entrance two hours before kick-off of their match with England on Saturday.

But UEFA intervened and insisted it was part of the regulations that each team must take an official team bus from their accommodation to the stadium, regardless of the distance between the two.

Instead of a leisurely five-minute stroll, the visiting side were made to leave their hotel 30 minutes in advance, just in case they hit the heavy traffic around the area.

A Slovenia FA spokesman Matjaž Krajnik told reporters: "We were staying at the Wembley Hilton next to the stadium but we had to go on the bus. It was ridiculous.

"The stadium is 50 metres from the hotel. Yet we were told we had to leave early because apparently there could have been a traffic jam and could take 30 minutes with the bus.

"It took us seven minutes on the bus. Yes, we wanted to walk."


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