Adriano thanks 'saviour' José

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Inter Milan striker Adriano is slowly rediscovering his best form this season and admits that much of the credit has to go to José Mourinho.

L’Imperatore was set to quit La Beneamata in the wake of personal problems and poor performances, including times when Mourinho had frozen him out of the squad.

"It is not true that I fought with (José) Mourinho," Adriano told Brazilian newspaper Correio de Manha.

"We never had an argument. We spoke a great deal and I admitted to my mistakes.

"He understood and saved my career. We have an excellent rapport because he is a great coach and treats everyone equally. He truly is The Special One."

The Brazilian also denies the story which circulated after the Champions League match with Werder Bremen, when it was suggested that he turned up to training after partying hard all night.

"There has been too much talk about me and only half of what is written turns out to be true. I am 26 years old and like all young men I like to have fun.

"It’s not true that I turned up to training drunk. I am not an alcoholic. It happened in the past, but it's over now."

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