Cesc Fábregas will stay at Arsenal, says his father

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Arsenal captain Cesc Fábregas will not be joining Barcelona this summer, according to his father.

The European champions have publicly confirmed their interest in Fábregas, who began his career in Barça's youth academy, and there is a belief in Catalunya that they have a genuine chance of luring him.

The player's father, Francesc Fábregas Snr, concedes his son is Barça to the core, but doubts he will move this summer.

Speaking to COM Radio, Fábregas Snr said: "Sincerely, I believe that this transfer will not take place.

"Clearly, the world of the football is crazy and you can never be certain, but today I believe that Cesc will remain at the Arsenal.

"He is super committed to Arsenal and he is really eager to do things there. Cesc is an Arsenal player 100 percent.

"If the day comes and he goes to Barça it will be welcome, but as a professional and out of respect for Arsenal, where they have always treated him very well, he cannot say anything about these rumours.

"Cesc is Catalan and a culé, and obviously he takes that with him all the time, but he gives it all for Arsenal, regardless of that feeling."

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