Soccer match ends 60-year feud between adidas, Puma

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The 60-year-feud between rivals German sportswear adidas and Puma came to a symbolic end Monday when employees from both companies joined forces for a soccer match.

The match took place between workers of the two firms within the framework of the International Peace Day, an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

It was the first joint activity between the two rivals since Rudolf and Adolf Dassler split up their business in 1948 over personal tension between the brothers and their wives.

Adolf called his firm adidas and Rudolf called his Ruda before changing it to Puma.

The rivalry even divided the firms' home town of 23,000 people in Herzogenaurach, Southern Germany. The town had separate bakers, pubs and schools depending on which company residents supported.

However, the bosses of both companies hoped the time-honoured tradition of a handshake and a game of football would heal wounds from the rift.

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