Thierry Henry blasts Emmanuel Adebayor

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Emmanuel Adebayor’s war with the Arsenal fans has astonished ex-Gunners captain Thierry Henry.

Adebayor is facing an FA rap for the 95-yard sprint he made to celebrate in front of Arsenal supporters after his goal in Manchester City’s 4-1 win last weekend.

"The fans at Arsenal were great. They were and always will be my family," Henry said in the News of the World.

"I never saw them behave badly so to react like they did at the weekend shows just how angry and upset they were.

"They will show you love and respect, but like any relationship they will ask for that love and respect back.

"No matter what Adebayor’s emotions were, he could have earned himself a lot of respect by not celebrating the goal.

"That would have shown real class, and that to be honest is what most players choose to do when they score against their old clubs. I don’t really understand why he didn’t do that."

Henry, now at Barcelona, has also slammed his ex-team-mate's criticism of boss Arsène Wenger.

He added: "You have to remember, no matter where you end up, the people who helped make you along the way and gave you the chance.

"I won the treble with Barcelona last year, but I know if it wasn’t for Arsène Wenger and Arsenal I would not be the player I am today.

"I think the same has to be true of Adebayor. He might be one of the world’s top strikers today, but he wasn’t before Arsène got hold of him and gave him that chance.

"When he came from Monaco he wasn’t even getting games back in France and then within two seasons he was a player who was wanted by a lot of top clubs in Europe.

"Arsène puts a lot of investment in you when he sees talent and I don’t think it would hurt for Adebayor to show him, the club and the fans a little more respect."

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