Alessandro Nesta could be out for season with 'rare injury'

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Alessandro Nesta's season could potentially be over after a new knee injury which is a rare occurence in football.

The AC Milan defender learned on Friday he may need surgery to to fix a broken tendon in his knee, which would require a two-month lay-off and effectively end the season for him.

A broken plopeteal tendon in his right knee is the cause of his woe, and, although surgery is possible, Nesta will try to cure it without the need to go under the knife.

This has not been confirmed yet as the Rossoneri's team of experts at the world famous Milan Lab were said to be assessing Nesta’s condition today.

"Is my season over? I don't know. If I need surgery then I may just return before the end of the season," Nesta said in La Repubblica.

"We have to see what happens. I would prefer to avoid surgery, but then if I have no choice...

"I just hope I can return to playing before the end of season."

However, a medical expert says that the 33-year-old is unlucky because his injury shouldn't happen often in football.

Professor Stefano Lovati told Il Corriere Dello Sport: "In effects this injury is rather rare in footballers, and in sports personnel in general.

"I think surgery would be more complex compared to an operation on a meniscus because of the zone where surgery would be carried out.

"Also, the recovery would require plenty of physiotherapy.

"I would exclude that the recovery time would be less than six weeks."

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