Fabio Cannavaro could return to Napoli - Agent

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Enrico Fedele, the agent of Fabio Cannavaro, admits there’s little chance of his client extending his stay in Juventus.

Cannavaro isn’t expected to be offered a new deal as Juventus undergo an extensive reconstruction plan after a catastrophic season.

"Juventus have an option until the end of April to extend, but I think there will be a general revolution in the squad," Fedele told Napolimagazine.com.

"I think we will evaluate some of the situations that are already in place."

The most likely path now is a return to his hometown club Napoli, where younger brother Paolo is the captain.

The agent added: "It’s hardly a surprise revelation that Cannavaro would love a return to Napoli.

"The welcome he was given by the San Paolo crowd a few weeks ago was an important sign."

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