Manchester City ditch Feng Shui

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Manchester City have shown Feng Shui the red card after the ancient Chinese superstition didn't bring the expected success for the Eastlands club.

In 2008, the previous club owner Thaksin Shinawatra ordered magic crystals and porcelain elephants, seen as symbols of wisdom in some Asian cultures, be buried at various places underneath the City of Manchester turf to "energise players" and "create harmony" at the 48,000-seater stadium.

And even though the club landed their highest ever finish in the Premier League securing fifth spot and a place in the Europa Cup, the new Arab owner doesn't believe in the ancient Chinese art of arranging things to promote positive energy.

Thaksin's Feng Shui were unearthed when work began on installing a new drainage system below the playing surface this week.

City head groundsman Lee Jackson, who dug up the crystal ball from underneath the centre circle, told The Manchester Evening News: "About three years ago when Thaksin owned the club a feng shui expert came in and buried two pot elephants in every corner and some crystals and buried a crystal ball under the kick off spot."

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