Schweinsteiger could leave Bayern Munich after World Cup

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Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has dropped a hint that he could be set to leave Allianz Arena in the summer.

The 25-year-old, who is currently a part of Louis van Gaal's treble chasing side, has enjoyed arguably the best season of his career.

"You never know what will happen after a World Cup or how the club is planning for the future," Schweinsteiger told Bild newspaper.

"I am very happy over the fact that we have had such a good season, but to say now ‘Bayern Munich forever’ – no, that would be false.

"Because if things perhaps would change at some point, such a statement would not be fair to the fans."

However, Schweinsteiger has been given some stick from Bayern fans earlier this season when things were not going according to the Bavarian's way.

He added: "It was often the case in the first half of the season that I would mis-place a pass in the first 20 minutes and I would be whistled at immediately.

"There were even whistles for me at the annual general meeting and that hurt."

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