Cristiano Ronaldo's ex reveals mother of his boy

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The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo's son is a London student now living in the United States, according to Nereida Gallardo, a former girlfriend of the soccer superstar.

Speaking on Spanish TV, the 25-year-old model, who went out with the Real Madrid ace for eight months, said the girl contacted her via Facebook and said she was pregnant with Ronaldo's baby - months before he revealed he had become a father.

Nereida said on the show: "She told me she is a student from London. She is now living in the United States.

"I cannot say 100% what she told me is true, but she did contact me several months before it became public knowledge that Cristiano was a dad."

The girl also told Nereida she had signed an agreement to never reveal that she was the mother to Ronaldo’s son, but she did not say how much she was paid for her silence.

Nereida added that it would not surprise her if Ronaldo had become a father following a one-night stand because he never liked to use condoms.

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