Is this the dumbest penalty ever?

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The Women's U-20 World Cup semifinal between Germany and South Korea last Thursday witnessed one of the most bizarre penalty incidents in the history of football.

In the 27th minute, Germany's Alexandra Popp hammered in a left-footed shot that crashed back off the crossbar. The ball flew out to South Korean defender Jeong Yeonga but instead of clearing it she chose to catch the ball even though she was standing inside the area.

She must have thought that play had been stopped for some reason or that the ball had gone out because she caught it as if it were the natural thing to do and then just dropped it on the ground.

But Jeong was not the only confused by the situation as Peruvian referee Silvia Reyes had to consult with one of her assistants to determine what to charge, which made the scene even funnier.

A penalty was finally given, but Jeong wasn't booked for her blatant and befuddling offense.

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