Getafe bring you zombie lesbian porno (NSFW Video)

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Spanish club Getafe have launched their own zombie porn film called "Zombies Calientes de Getafe", or "Getafe's Hot Zombies", that will probably cause you to feint.

A scene from Getafe's zombie lesbian movie called 'Zombies Calientes de Getafe'
A scene from Getafe's zombie lesbian movie called 'Zombies Calientes de Getafe'

Photo: YouTube

The La Liga outfit have found it difficult to fill their 17,000 seater Coliseum Alfonso Pérez in recent years, with one of the lowest attendance records in the division.

And so bosses have come up with a novel plan to populate the world with more Getafe supporters by encouraging fans to watch a club-produced erotic movie whilst at sperm donation clinic.

The advert, which has appeared on Spanish national television, depicts a Getafe sperm donor who, when he gets to the clinic, is given the filthy film - shot in the style of a 1970s porn film and featuring zombie lesbians who are more undressed than undead.

The general gist of the advert seems to be that if the donor is thinking of Getafe when he produces his sample any resulting off-spring are more likely to support the Azulones rather than one of Madrid's three other top-flight clubs.

Club marketing director José Antonio Cuétara told radio show Pasión Franja that the controversial advert had received a "largely positive" response and that season ticket sales had soared to 9,000 since its broadcast.

Watch Getafe-themed zombie lesbian porn video

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