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German rappers sued over anti-Mario Götze song

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mario Götze's legal representatives are reportedly in the process of suing three German rappers for recording an anti-Götze song in response to his transfer to rivals Bayern Munich.

Dortmund fans wear Mario Götze shirts with his name crossed out
Dortmund fans wear Mario Götze shirts with his name crossed out

Photo: Reuters

According to German media, Götze's lawyers are seeking €70,000 from rap trio, who go by the collective name of Kopfnussmusik and consist of M.I.K.I., Akkord One and Reece, over their track "Hast Du Jetzt Was Du Willst?" or "Have You Got What You Want Now?".

The song contains multiple aggressive references to the outgoing Borussia Dortmund player and his "money-grabbing" decision to join Bayern last month.

Here's a sample of some of the lyrics (from the Pies).

"F**k off you dirty rat/Make your money, bitch/Shut the f**k up, we cannot wait fort he day when Großkreutz fouls you/You're a Judas sucking on Hoeneß' d*ck/You betrayed us with you legs spread open/Neuer can lather you in the showers/You are a money-grubbing piece of sh*t/Congratulations you can call yourself Judas now/Now you prefer licking the asses of those pieces of sh*t/Congratulations Bayern you got another c*nt/You are a money-grubbing bitch like Neuer/We rather take Schieber instead of you f**ked up wanker/You are a c*nt and a diva/F**k you traitor"

However, Kopfnussmusik's defense is that they are merely echoing the sentiments of Dortmund fans and are only voicing anti-Götze insults that thousands of supporters are using on social media.

The band issued the following statement: "We wanted to express the emotions and disbelief about the upcoming change of the club and we didn't expect such consequences."

Dortmund fans are already rallying around the group and donating money towards their cause, clubbing together in an attempt to raise the money that Götze's lawyers are chasing.

"The people are donating like crazy, that's solidarity! Even if it's hard, we're able to cut it together!" said M.I.K.I. "Fight or give up? We'll fight!"

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