AC Milan offer NBA-style courtside seats at San Siro

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AC Milan offer NBA-style courtside seats at San Siro
Photo: @acmilan

AC Milan have introduced a new seating option that offers a courtside-like experience for fans attending matches at the San Siro Stadium.

Called "Club 1899 - Front Row Experience", these seats are located directly on the sidelines, just a few yards from the pitch, providing a VIP experience like courtside seats at NBA games.

Fans got their first taste of the new seating during Thursday's 1-0 Europa League defeat by AS Roma.

Italian rappers Ghali and Blanco were among the first guests, again inspired by the NBA where pop stars and other celebrities often populate the best seats in the house.

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In addition to the incredible views, fans who purchase Club 1899 seats will also enjoy a number of other perks, including padded seats, access to a private concierge service and exclusive in-stadium dining options.

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This is a first-of-its-kind offering for a major European football club, and it reflects Milan's commitment to creating new and exciting experiences for fans.

Maikel Oettle, chief commercial officer of the Rossoneri, told the club's website:

The club 1899 Front Row Experience represents the sublimation of passion.

For those who live with style and constantly seek excitement - who are always protagonists and not spectators - we want to share a new exclusive experience that combines entertainment, lifestyle culture, luxury, and innovation.

Through the Front Row Experience, our club, ambassador of Milan and Italy worldwide, reaffirms itself as the must-visit destination for football lovers and those seeking a front row lifestyle.

A unique experience that testifies to AC Milan's innovative spirit and global icon role, capable of inspiring, exciting, and engaging millions of fans worldwide, every day.

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