Ex-Premier League ref names Craig Bellamy as most annoying player he's officiated

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Ex-Premier League ref names Craig Bellamy as most annoying player he's officiated
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Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has named Craig Bellamy as the worst player to deal with during his career.

Clattenburg was one of the most prominent officials in recent Premier League history.

The 49-year-old officiated some of the biggest games in football, including finals of the European Championship, Champions League and FA Cup.

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Whilst recognising that a football match is an emotionally heated event, Clattenburg claims there were several players who would regularly step over the line.

And speaking to Paddy Power for the Pitch Invader magazine, Clattenburg named and shamed Bellamy as the player he found most annoying to officiate.

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The former Newcastle United, Manchester City and Liverpool man was known for his hot-headed personality, and he certainly had a tendency to rub people the wrong way

The worst one - and I've thought it for years - was Bellamy.

He was just the most irritating player on the pitch - and he was irritating off it. He was downright rude and it didn't matter what you said to him.

I made mistakes against him but what he used to say to you, it was not acceptable.

People say you should have sent him off and I did - incorrectly for diving. I cautioned him at Bolton for diving and it was a blatant penalty.

He was a guy I just didn't really get on well with.

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Clattenburg called time on his career in the professional game in 2017, whilst Bellamy retired from playing in 2011.

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