Peter Crouch once grilled by Tottenham teammates about sex life

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Peter Crouch once grilled by Tottenham teammates about sex life
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Former England striker Peter Crouch has revealed he was once teased about his sex life during his time as a Tottenham Hotspur youngster.

The 43-year-old enjoyed a successful career playing for the likes of Tottenham, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Portsmouth and Stoke City.

Crouch began at Spurs as a youth team player, where he recently claimed he was on the receiving end of some harsh treatment from senior players.

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The Therapy Crouch: In Search of Happy (N)ever After
Speaking on That Peter Crouch Podcast about the ordeal, he recalled facing a "horrible" grilling where he was pressured into showing them his kissing technique.

I remember being in the Tottenham dressing room, going in to pick up my boots and they were like, "Crouchy, what is your love life like?"

And you'd have to stand there in front of like 20 first-team players and go, "Well, nothing" and they'd go, "Are you a virgin?" and you'd go, "Yeah at the moment."

They'd go, "Do you have a girlfriend, have you kissed one yet?" and you're standing there as they're all absolutely buzzing off you as you tell them what you've achieved with the opposite sex.

There's nothing worse - horrible, horrible, horrible. It was horrible to be a part of.

They would say things like, "Well how would you kiss a girl" and you'd have to practise it on something. You know the back one, you'd have to show your technique.

It's not right. I hope it's out of the game now, it wasn't nice for a young lad to be in that environment.

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