Referee bitten by pitch invading SNAKE

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Referee bitten by pitch invading SNAKE

A bizarre scene were filmed in Serbia last weekend when a soccer match was suddenly interrupted by a SNAKE.

The game between Gornji Sinkovac and Radnik Šišinac was halted as people tried to usher the reptilian pitch invader off the grass.

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Footage showed someone off the pitch came in and bizarrely tried to use his backpack to coax the troublesome reptile off the pitch.

But that did not work, so the ref then stopped the snake in its tracks by putting his foot on it, picking it up and throwing it off the field.

After the match, a Gornji Sinkovac spokesperson said the referee had been bitten twice by the reptile.

A very unusual situation happened. A snake appeared on the field, which led to the match being interrupted.

It was incredible that the referee was able to catch the snake and remove it from the field.

The snake was not injured.

According to current information, it turned out that the referee suffered two bites during this encounter.

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