Sweden refuses to use VAR amid widespread club and fan pressure

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Sweden refuses to use VAR amid widespread club and fan pressure

Sweden has become the first country to refuse to use Video Assistant Referees (VAR) following widespread opposition from clubs and fans.

The climbdown reflects Swedish clubs being at least 51 percent owned by fans, a large proportion of whom have been vehemently opposed to the technology.

This meant the country's top 32 clubs came out against the move, as did two of the regional associations in Sweden.

Swedish FA president Fredrik Reinfeldt told local outlet Aftonbladet:

If I counted correctly, we have 18 elite clubs and two districts that have said they do not want to introduce VAR. We respect that.

That's why we didn't bring forward any proposal about VAR to the previous board of representatives meeting and I don't foresee it in the future either.

I stand by respecting the democratic rules of the game.

VAR was due to be trialled in the autumn of 2024, as it was previously feared that VAR could be a UEFA requirement.

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But it's understood the governing body will not be putting any pressure on countries without VAR to adopt the system.

I don't think so now, from what I've heard. So then it is up to us to make the decision.

Then it is clear how it looks right now - the clubs do not want the introduction of this specific technology.

Sweden is now the only country among Europe's top 30 leagues to have decided not to introduce VAR.

The introduction of VAR in Norway last year prompted protests from more than 70 fans' groups.

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