Ex-Arsenal star pays £30k to purchase 'The Invincibles' branding rights

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Ex-Arsenal star pays £30k to purchase 'The Invincibles' branding rights
Photo: Reuters
Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has secured the trademark to the name "The Invincibles" ahead of the 20th anniversary of the feat.

The Arsenal team from the 2003/2004 Premier League season will go down as one of the best in English football history.

Affectionately known as "The Invincibles", the North London club were able to go the entire league campaign without losing a single match, winning a total of 26 out of their 38 games, with the remaining 12 ending as a draw.

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However, Arsenal do not have any rights to the term "The Invincibles" because Lehmann has purchased the trademark, preventing any other brand from using the term.

Explaining his decision to The Daily Mail, Lehmann - goalkeeper of that title-winning team - said:

I had the idea because the name "Invincibles" becomes more and more popular approaching the 20th anniversary.

Nobody had it, so I was looking into it. I was ready to get the branding rights for our group, so everybody who's using it is violating our brand.

The club were probably a little surprised because nobody thought about having the brand name registered. At least they know it's now being controlled.

The German has received some backing though, coming in the form of former teammates and legendary Gunners boss Arsène Wenger.

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The plan is for a company to be set up, and that all profits the company makes will be donated to charity.

We have 28 players and 12 staff members, which includes the boss. The company has not been set up yet because we're still preparing.

There will be one or two events here very soon where we give something back to the people.

Everybody will be a shareholder of the company. The company gets the revenue and then hopefully everything is shared.

If we have income, we are going to do something for a charity.

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Reports have claimed that Arsenal had never considered securing the trademark and were unaware that anyone had plans to do so.

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