'I told Jürgen Klopp to play Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield'

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'I told Jürgen Klopp to play Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield'
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Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders has revealed he persuaded Jürgen Klopp to push Trent Alexander-Arnold into a hybrid midfield role.

Having coached the 25-year-old at the youth level, Lijnders is known to be a big believer in the player's talent and potential.

Perhaps the most notable example of this connection is Lijnders' strong advocacy for utilising Alexander-Arnold in a more central midfield role.

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During the 2022/23 season, with Liverpool floundering and looking disjointed due to their ageing midfield, Lijnders passionately convinced Klopp to try the England international in midfield.

Indeed, the Dutchman was so adamant that this switch would prove fruitful, that he told the Reds boss he could have his entire salary if it proved otherwise.

Klopp eventually relented, and the decision to move Alexander-Arnold into midfield helped revitalise Liverpool's play style.

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The native Scouser thrived in the new role, injecting energy and creativity into Liverpool's midfield.

Alexander-Arnold's versatility and passing ability have allowed him to excel in his new midfield role.

In an interview with Redmen TV, Lijnders, who will become Red Bull Salzburg boss next season, said:

My idea constantly was: the best No. 6 I had in the U16s was Trent Alexander-Arnold.

It's not to only have extra players inside, to have four here [in the midfield], to have the same as what Bobby Firmino did.

But it's also to have Trent in a position where the ball can fly from left to right.

What I said constantly to Jürgen was, "We have to do it."

"But Pep, blah blah blah" [Klopp complained]. "We have to do it."

Until I was so sick of it that I went to Jürgen in this office and said, "Jürgen, next year you can f****** have all my f****** salary. If we don't do it in the next game, it's done for me. I can't.

"We need the extra player, we need Trent there. I tell you it will work, it will work."

By the time Alexander-Arnold turned 22, he had already won both the Premier League and Champions League with his boyhood club.

At 25, he has played over 300 games for Liverpool and broken the assist record for defenders in England, managing 58 in the top flight.

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