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France midfielder Samir Nasri has once again expressed his displeasure with his country's journalists, who have been critical of his recent performances.

Samir Nasri has not enjoyed a good relationship with the French press lately
Samir Nasri has not enjoyed a good relationship with the French press lately

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The Manchester City player had already been involved in a row with the French media when he scored the equalising goal against England then mouthed "shut your mouth" in a message aimed at a L'Équipe journalist who had written a critical article of him.

And Nasri again was involved in a row with a French journalist following his side's quarter-final defeat against Spain on Saturday.

The 24-year-old initially walked off hastily in the direction of the team bus without a word for text reporters after the match.

But he soon returned, apparently having forgotten one of his personal belongings, when the confrontation occurred.

According to AFP, a journalist asked for his assessment of the match, which Nasri responded with an astonishing foul-mouthed outburst.

An extraordinary flurry of insults ladened with four-letter words kicked off his rant, in which he claimed the press "always writing s*** stories" about his team.

The reporter said that in that case he did not want to speak to him, upon which Nasri returned and said "f*** you" followed by a stream of further abuse, including calling the journalist a "son of a b***h".

The former Arsenal man then shouted: "Now you can say that I've been badly brought up! Come over there and let's fix this."

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