Bosnian goalkeeper somehow plays full match with bullet lodged in head | inside World Soccer

An amateur goalkeeper in Bosnia-Herzegovina recently played an entire 90 minute match even though he was unknowingly shot in the head.

Children play on the field where a goalkeeper was shot in the head
Children play on the field where a goalkeeper was shot in the head

Photo: Dnevni avaz

Duško Krtalica, 51, complained about having a headache during the game, but he assumed it was the result of him knocking his head against a goalpost while making a save.

He ignored the pain and continued to finish out the game, only conceding one goal.

However, Krtalica afterwards started complaining that his arm was numb and that he had difficulty speaking.

He was then taken to a hospital in Koševo, where doctors took an X-Ray only to find a 9mm bullet was lodged in the side of his temple.

Krtalica was immediately transferred to the department of neurosurgery and the bullet was removed. The operation was a success and he is now in a stable condition.

After a police investigation, the stray bullet is thought to have hit the goalkeeper after somebody at a nearby wedding fired off a handgun in celebration.

According to Dnevni avaz, a 42-year-old man was subsequently arrested and his 9mm pistol was seized.

A further 12 shells were found in close proximity to the football pitch, suggesting it was very lucky that no one else was injured.