André-Pierre Gignac reportedly threatens lawsuit after being trolled by Burger King | inside World Soccer

France and Olympique Marseille striker André-Pierre Gignac is ready for a legal battle with fast food giants Burger King over a newspaper ad poking fun at his weight.

The 28-year-old is often mocked by opposing fans for his sturdy physique with the chant "A Big Mac for Gignac".

That theme was taken up by Burger King, who include Gignac's name to promote their new campaign to sell Whoppers by changing the lyrics to "A Whopper for Gignac".

The company then flooded the Marseille press by buying a ton of advertising space as they prepare to launch their new outlet in the city.

However, the light-hearted stunt has not gone down well with the player, with reports in France claiming he is now set to sue Burger King for unauthorized use and denigration of his name.


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