Pelé backtracks drug comments over Robinho

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Brazilian legend Pelé has backtracked on comments that Manchester City star Robinho had taken drugs, claiming that his comments were misinterpreted by the press.

Pelé was allegedly recorded without his knowledge at a private event in Brazil saying that Robinho and his compatriot Ronaldo used recreational drugs at a private party in São Paulo.

The comments were picked up by Brazilian radio station Jovem Pan, which then featured the three-minute audio clip on its website, causing a massive reaction in Brazil, where Ronaldo is still revered and Pelé's word is taken as gospel.

Robinho recently demanded that Pelé retract his comments, while also threatening legal action.

Pelé, though, has moved to play down the row, insisting that he said no such thing.

"He is our son and came out of Santos, where he had our supervision," he said on

"What happened was a misunderstanding and the information was brought to him wrongly. I know how it is for those who must sell newspapers.

"When things like this happen, it is necessary to ask to listen to the tape, to hear what was really said."

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